Not known Facts About audioflow

Fastened bug with keysets wherever they may not get defaulted properly when upgrading from older TB variations.

Set bug wherever "No physical system was found" message box appeared when the Upload Dialog came up if an XPanel was while in the listing.

Preset sizing challenge. If Original phone to GetWindowSizes experienced min == max, then the sizing window model was eliminated but by no means added.

Enhanced general performance of ethernet communications. Must decrease stalls, and drastically enhance textual content console and SIMPL Debugger effectiveness and reliability.

In FollowProgramRestart, prompt was being requested for which was disrupting the info stream. This was transformed to only get it from The end result cache. Also included a contact to get the prompt (best populate the cache) Initially of method load.

Preset bug where ethernet communications could get hung due to misplaced(or not sent) notification through the socket layer that new knowledge is offered.

Show an asterisk after the task identify during the caption if you will discover improvements which have not been saved.

Improve parametric audio command to "filter" from "filter

Modified XPanel EXE upload message to reference just the task folder as a relative path instead of absolutely the path on the temp folder.

Fixed get supported qualities timeout benefit. Was 1s which brought about it to timeout at times leading to disabled "Upadate Firmware" button among the other items. Now works by using "GetTimeoutValue" call defualts to 5s.

Fixes for Product Configurations (DM Tool and others) which was avoiding files from staying saved if any errors occured (together with trivial or meaningless types)

Study-only usage of ethernet parameters on TPMC collection panels. Ought to however be set via Setup web pages over the panel.

USB driver is Unsigned and therefore may well lead to Home windows to try and discover a far better a person on the net or demonstrate warnings on set up.

Extra major stage exception handling to principal Activate phone to forestall check here complete crash. Provides mistake on the log.

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